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  Courageous Leadership towards Equitable Outcomes

Ready to enroll in the course? Please review the registration steps:

Registering for the course:

  1. Send an email to the Courageous Leadership Course Coordinator (  
  2. In turn, you will receive an application via email to complete.
  3. The application includes information about yourself, your organization and three assessment tools.
  4. Complete the application form and accompanied assessment tools and submit them electronically via email.
  5. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and option to choose a learning course within your area/region.
  6. The registration process is complete upon receipt of $995.00 plus HST and the on-line registration service charge via our on-line payment system (click on the registration button–below–to submit your payment)!  
  7. All payments are final!


Have further questions?  Please complete the attached contact form with your inquiries.

Thank you for your interest in the CIECYR three-day Courageous Leadership Professional Development Course for Social Sector Leaders.  The Community Inclusivity Council of York Region (CIECYR) endeavours to enhance the leadership capacity of the social services sector by developing the skill sets of senior leaders towards transforming all facets of their organizations in order to achieve equitable outcomes for the children, youth and families they serve and the communities they are a part of.

Visit us at: Community Inclusivity Equity Council of York Region




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