Introduction to the Courageous Leadership Course

The Courageous Senior Leadership Course for Social Sector Leaders

Why Inclusivity and Equity Initiatives?

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After a series of significant events in York Region, the Greater Toronto Region and throughout the province, the government began initiatives directed at addressing inequities within social services organizations serving the public.  What was evident through their research and community consultations was that cultural competence and diversity initiatives were insufficient to address the inequities which existed within these social service and public systems.  Furthermore, the research demonstrated that senior leaders, management teams, supervisors, and program directors played a critical role in initiating and developing change within the system.  The government issued a directive to organizations to initiate equity initiatives, but many social service leaders felt they were unprepared to initiate such change. This change, is characterized by:

  • adapting an equitable work environment,
  • a safe and inclusive work culture,
  • employment equity,
  • a re-examination of policies and procedures using an equity- lens,
  • and an anti-oppressive and self-reflective professional practice.

The Courageous Leadership Course

Developed by Tina Lopes, an Equity Expert and Consultant hired by the CIECYR is the first of its kind throughout Ontario dedicated solely on equity leadership competencies required to successfully lead an organization, staff teams and programs.  The leadership course is designed to equip senior leaders with the expertise, understanding and skills to meet Ministry directives and develop equity-strategic change plan within organizations.

Course of Study

The key principles of the leadership course focus upon developing a clearer understanding of the Ministry directives and equity leadership.  Through the course, participants are provided with specific skill-sets such as: conceptualizing equity leadership skills, developing employment equity and distinguishing and dismantling systems which perpetuate barriers for service users, community members, employees, employers, clients, students, and families.

What can you expect?

The Courageous Leadership Course is flexible to meet your needs over a 3-week period.  The sessions are interactive, engaging and experiential- unlike other courses. Following completion of the course, participants are connected to an online community of like-minded equity leaders which provide support, engagement and resources to enhance outcomes.

Key Learning Objectives:

  •  Develop common understandings of equity and anti-oppression
  • Explore the impact of social identities on leadership
  • Understand systemic barriers within organizations
  • Address Indigenous people’s distinct rights to employment, programs and services
  • Examine leadership roles in challenging the “isms”/
  • Develop skills to evaluate equity/ anti-oppression organizational learning and strategies

The Leadership Initiative

In 2017, the CIECYR received a generous grant by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration to develop a leadership course to build organizations capacity to evolve their policies, programs and procedures to meet the governments equity and inclusive practice guidelines.

 Registration or Further Information

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