This current initiative will create a path forward for social service leaders to work in unison within and across their various service sectors towards eliminating the disproportionate and over-representation of marginalized groups within their systems by addressing systemic barriers along with historical wrongs levied against various equity seeking groups.- MB


The Community Inclusivity Equity Council of York Region (CIECYR),

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imparts a robust thank you to the Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration for seeing the vision of the Courageous Senior Leadership Course for Social Sector Leaders and in turn selecting it for funding.  Through the Ministry’s grant, the Community Inclusivity Council of York Region (CIECYR) endeavors to enhance the leadership capacity of the social services sector by developing the skill sets of senior leaders towards transforming all facets of their organizations in order to achieve equitable outcomes for the children, youth and families they serve and the communities they are a part of.  The aforementioned leadership development would occur through the delivery of a three-day professional development course following the self-assessment each senior leader and their organization.  The hope is to equip social services leaders with the ability to critically reflect on their own social identities, power and privilege and the influence they have on the decisions they make regarding organizational planning, service delivery and resource allocation. These decisions more often than not, have a significant and lingering impact on equity seeking communities.  To this end, Eighteen (18) provincial professional development facilitators were developed to facilitate the three-day professional development course across the province in selected social services sectors towards developing their collective leadership through an equity seeking framework.


In kindness & solidarity, Michael Bowe, Chair, Community Inclusivity Equity Council of York Region

The Community Inclusivity Equity Council of York Region (CIECYR) would like to thank Tina Lopes, Equity Consultant, for her exceptional dedication and work to develop the skills and wherewithal of the 18 provincial professional development facilitators who were carefully selected as per a rigorous selection process that evaluated their experience, content expertise, facilitation skills and other relevant skills sets.

Much gratitude is owned to Blue Hills Child and Family Centre for electing to be the official banker agency and legal holder of the grant received from the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.  We appreciate your sound stewardship of not only the grant but the project itself.

We would be remised if we did not acknowledge and give thanks to the tremendous dedication and work of Nicole Perryman, the Project Manager of the initiative.  Ms. Perryman’s contribution to our efforts is beyond words.  Thank you!

Without the membership and dedication of all organizations and their staff representatives that populate the Council, the current initiative would not have been possible.  The following organizations are members of the Council and contributed in various ways to the development of the initiative:

Members of the Community Inclusivity Equity Council of York Region (CIECYR)

  1. Family Services York Region
  2. The York Centre for Children, Youth and Families
  3. Blue Door Shelters
  4. CMHA York and South Simcoe
  5. Catholic Community Services of York Region
  6. Children’s Treatment Network
  7. Blue Hills Child and Family Centre
  8. Family Services York Region
  9. York Catholic District School Board
  10. Kinark Child and Family Services
  11. York Region District School Board
  12. Regional Municipality of York LIP
  13. York Region Children’s Aid Society
  14. Social Services Network
  15. York Regional Police
  16. Sandgate Women’s Shelter of York Region Inc.
  17. Toronto and Region Conservation Seneca College
  18. York Region Centre for Community Safety


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