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We are pleased to announce Tina Lopes is the Equity Consultant for the CIECYR Courageous Leadership Course.

Tina Lopes is an organizational development consultant, facilitator, and expert in equity and change management.  She has worked with Boards of Education across the province, child welfare, social services, women’s shelter, and organizations to implement organizational change.  Tina Lopes is an acclaimed researcher and author, as well as presented as keynote speaker.  For more information:

Through the Courageous Leadership Course, Tina Lopes:

  • Lead the training and development of 16 course instructors over a 12-day period (120 hours)
  • Prepared the Course Curriculum
  • Hosted 2 focus groups for managers, leaders, and officials.  This event was well attended.  Please find the results of the focus group:  Focus Group Results

Tina Lopes developed the following organizational tools for the course:

  1. Organizational Checklist (Org Checklist)- this tool examines equity principles and practices currently in place within the organization.
  2. Self-Assessment Checklist– this tool assesses applicants understanding and application of equity principles, values and practices within their organization, as well as encourages the applicant to self-reflect upon their practice on a regular or infrequent basis.
  3. Leadership assessment checklist– examines the applicants use of equity leadership within their organization. This assessment looks at key benchmarks such as equity practices, etc.
  4. Evaluation of participants– the course instructors will provide a detailed assessment of senior leaders within their session
  5. Strategic Policy Template– this template will help guide senior leaders and organizations on how to develop an equity plan for their organization and within their policies.
  6. Strategic Equity Implementation Plan– this template will provide a best practice overview of how to develop equity plans within an organization.



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