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Meet our Course Instructors

Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.

Verna Myers

In June 2017, from the generous grant provided by the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship, the CIECYR council selected 16 Course Instructors after a rigorous hiring process to co-facilitate and lead the the Courageous Leadership Course.  Our team of highly prestigious professionals have at least 15 years of experience delivering equity-based and social services directly to participants and over 10 years of experience in facilitating adult learning.   Our team participated in a 12 day, 120 training hours in addition to participation in mandatory course readings led by Tina Lopes.  The course instructors are the Highly accomplished Equity Experts.  Our instructors have more than 100 years total experience in anti-oppressive practice and equity.  They hold positions in social services such as principals, organizational diversity leads, independent consultants, and managers.

The Course Instructors are a critical part of the equity journey for participants.  The instructors will review and assess your initial application package.  The instructors will connect with participants throughout the 3-day learning course.

Following the 3-day learning course, participants are requested to complete a brief survey to help us assess their understanding of the course content and have achieved the tools required to adopt organizational shifts in practice.

Meet our course instructors:

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